Grand Piece Online: Abyssal Karate Update Codes (NEW)

Roblox Grand Piece Online (GPO) is back with Abyssal Karate Update which has brought major additions to the game. The walkthrough includes egg locations, Fishman V2, the maze and its location and the Megalodon boss equipped fully with teeth.

GPO Update 9.9 has added content that will take the next few weeks to achieve and in the meanwhile, Abyssal Karate Codes to collect a few items as well as resources.

GPO Abyssal Karate Update

Grand Piece Online
Grand Piece Online

Recent updates include unlocking new characters, several hidden eggs, and defeating bosses. As players struggle in one or more things, below is a detailed guide signifying the easiest and most efficient way to complete the task.

How to spawn and defeat Megalodon Boss

Megalodon Spawn
Megalodon Spawn

Water bodies are ruled by an enormously strong boss called Megalodon. In order to spawn the boss, the player needs to enter the Rough Waters area of the ocean with the blood bath.

Blood bath items can be crafted by Blacksmith. Once the destination arrives, the bottle and blood lures Megalodon and the boss fight begins.

Beware of multiple attacks by the boss, keep on hitting consistent hits to weaken the enemy. Once defeated, Shark Tooth is obtained which will later be used to become Fishman V2.

How to get Fishman V2

Fishman V2
Fishman V2

Fishman V2 is an improvised version that has a classic look and is fueled with higher capabilities. Below are steps leading to 0 to get this character.

  1. Enter Second Sea and head towards Fisher Island
  2. Fisher Island is located North East of the wall
  3. Once the rock is seen, the underground city is called Mysterious Reef
  4. Talk to NPC which asks for 10 shark teeth
  5. In the end, NPC gives Fishman V2 as a quest reward

Egg Locations in Easter Egg Hunt Event

GPO Egg Hunt
GPO Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt has started simultaneously allowing players to claim even more exciting rewards. As per the Update log, users can enter any map and wait for eggs to spawn in the nearby surroundings.

The rate of egg appearing depends heavily on active players of the servers. Also, other users might collect eggs before you, which reduces your chances by some factor.

The red, blue, green, and other color eggs can be spotted across various secret locations on the map.

How to craft Megalodon Armour & Helmet

Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth

The game added a few unlockables, including a Megalodon Helmet, Armour set, and blood bottle.

As soon as the blueprint for armor, as well as helmet, is collected by spawning and defeating Megalodon boss in the Right Waters, we can head towards Blacksmith to craft both the items easily.

Abyssal Karate Update Codes

GPO Codes
GPO Codes

Update 9.9 aka Abyssal Karate has made remarkable additions of which, the boss fight is very engaging. Developers have released a few new codes that are working to reward free stuff.


The update includes Abyssal Karate Location which can be explored by players in their free time. The Boneshiver weapon on the other hand is pretty useful in various battles. Unlock everything as the next update will hit after several weeks.


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