Blade Ball: Egg Locations & Codes in Easter Egg Hunt 2024 [Easter Update]

Roblox Blade Ball is back with Easter Update rewarding exciting abilities and swords in the Happy Easter event. This is Egg Hunt 2024 where the player needs to collect 100 eggs that spawn throughout the map to claim gifts.

Bunny Leap ability is the finest one that can be collected in a golden egg while multiple swords are readily available in the shop. In the end, there are Easter Update Codes for free stuff for all the players.

Blade Ball Easter Update


As we know, Blade Ball developers keep on introducing new bosses and abilities every week but Easter Event is considered one of the biggest updates. Below are new additions to the game that should be quickly equipped by users.

  • Egg Hunt – Happy Easter
  • Bunny coins
  • Golden Egg
  • Bunny Leap
  • Easter Bundle
  • Free UGC
  • Easter Spin

New Swords in Easter Update

New Swords
New Swords

It’s impossible for developers to not introduce new blades in each update. Below are swords that are extremely tough and result in victory in most cases.

  • Blossom Scythe
  • Blossom Blade
  • Dual Blossom Scythe
  • Bunny Staff
  • Holy Sword

Bunny Coins


Bunny coins are newly introduced and are rewarded after completing certain threshold eggs. Later on, these coins can be used to purchase and hatch eggs for valuable items. The above tier list helps to target eggs and grinding to be done to reach there.

Egg Locations in Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Locations of Egg
Locations of Egg

There are a total of 100 eggs to be collected to unlock all the rewards. Unlike other games, all eggs spawn randomly across any map and thus can be collected by jumping into it.

It is recommended to last longer in each battle and wait for a new egg to spawn which does every few minutes. Few easy eggs have had a high probability of spawning while others take time.

Easter Update Codes

Blade Ball New Codes
Blade Ball New Codes

Blade Ball Codes are an essential component of a game that every player should redeem on a timely basis. Not only tokens are distributed but sometimes unique swords for lucky players


These are New and working codes for the update. Make sure to redeem as soon as possible.


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