Roblox Shindo Life: All Codes [NEW]

It’s been over 2 weeks since the official release of Shindo Life Update 231.5, also known as The Hunt. As we already know, The Hunt Event started on 15th March, but it still has plenty of content to offer, including Roblox codes.

In order to hunt for codes, players have to wander on various social media profiles or the official Rell World page. Which indeed is a daunting task and also not a great use of time. But no worries, to ease your efforts, this guide will take you directly to Shino Life’s new codes.

Shindo Life: All Latest Codes

Shindo Life
Shindo Life

Before proceeding to the codes, players are advised to use their existing spins. Players can store about 500 spins without obtaining a Shindo Storage Game Pass. The following codes are likely to secure you with a few hundred spins. In case you are not utilizing your current spins, then you are letting them drain.

For instance, the code ImADuneKun! provides 15,000 Rellcoins and about 200 spins. However, if a player already has 400 spins, the rest 100 spins will be lost forever. Therefore, try to utilize them to their maximum potential.

  • RELLCSparrow! – 350,000 Rell Coins
  • NimbusCarriedBySpecs! – 30,000 Rell Coins + 1,500 spins
  • GlazeRedSenko!
  • ObelisktakingLs! – 60,000 Rell Coins
  • OneTappedHimBeastBomb! – 50,000 Rell Coins
  • RayySpecCarried! – 45,000 Rell Coins
  • AidennGruntWork! – 40,000 Rell Coins + 400 Spins
  • ImADuneKun! – 15,000 Rell Coins + 150 Spins
  • PokeshindoMon! – 390,000 Rell Coins
  • SandFlightNerfYes! – 35,000 Rell Coins
  • HazeNobuffs! – 380,000 Rell Coins
  • EmberKagiesL! – 10,000 Rell Coins + Spins

How to Redeem Codes in Shindo Life?

Shindo Life II
Shindo Life II

Please note that the steps are the same for both the users; PC and Mobile.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Shindo Life
  2. Click Edit from the Main Menu
  3. Tap the YouTube Codes button, located at the right side of the screen
  4. Copy and paste the given codes

On entering the accurate code, the message ‘ACCEPTED!’ will appear, which means the code is successfully redeemed.

As of now, the codes are working perfectly fine. Share it with your friends before they become inactive. Enjoy your Freebies!


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