Super Toilet Brawl: How to get Clockman 2.0 & The Strongest Camerahead [New Codes]

Super Toilet Brawl has released Clockman 2.0 Update bringing plenty of new units to the game. Among the new additions, Upgraded Titan Clockman is rare to claim while others can be unlocked through Alliance Crate.

In the end, GamerStones provided Clockman 2.0 Codes for an extra few gems, coins, and tokens. Make sure to grind to unlock all new morphs and battle against new bosses.

Alliance Crate

New unit in Alliance Crate
New unit in Alliance Crate
  • Engineer Camerahead
  • Camerahead Woman 2.0
  • The Strongest Camerahead
  • Supreme Clockman 2.0
  • Spider Camerahead 2.0
  • Injured Supreme Buzzsaw Camerahead 2.0
  • Injured Supreme Camerahead 2.5
  • Acid Camerahead 2.0
  • Astro Camerahead 2.5

How to get Supreme Clockman 2.0 in Super Toilet Brawl

Supreme Clockman
Supreme Clockman

Supreme Clockman 2.0 is the newest unit which can be unlocked by spending resources in the forge area. Head towards forge and have the following item into inventory for instant unlocking.

  • 65k gems
  • 100 boss shards
  • 20 mega boss shards
  • 200 multiverse shards
  • 5 multiverse orbs
  • 550k enemy kills

After achieving these threshold records, players can easily claim Clockman 2.0 from the game.

How to get The Strongest Camerahead in Super Toilet Brawl

The Strongest Camerahead is a pretty rare unit available in the Alliance crate. The only way to unlock this unit is by repeatedly opening Alliance Crates that cost 30 gems per chest. Success is next to negligible as drop chances are extremely low.

Clockman 2.0 Update Codes

Super Toilet Brawl Codes
Super Toilet Brawl Codes

With each new update, developers release new codes that help users redeem a few tokens of in-game resources. It is necessary to apply the code before its expiry.

  • 35KLIKES
  • 30KLIKES
  • NewModes
  • Shutdown


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