Roblox Type Soul: Guide & Codes [Major Update]

Roblox Type Soul is finally back. With the latest Major Update, developers are trying to grab the attention of maximum gamers. The New additions include Shikai, Star Rail, Stellar Blade, new factions, progressions, and powerful bosses.

Here is a walkthrough and guide on Type Soul allowing users to complete most of the new unlockables in the easiest possible way. Also, players can get free stuff instantly using Major Update Codes provided at the end.

Type Soul Major Update

Type Soul Guide
Type Soul Guide

Type Soul is a vast game and requires proficient skills to master. Using the beginner’s guide, users can understand the basics quickly and move forward towards achieving greater feats in the Roblox.

How to Obtain Shikai in Type Soul

Shikai Progression
Shikai Progression

Shikai can be unlocked by defeating Shikai Boss in a battle by dealing maximum damage. Defeating is easy but finding the exact location of the boss in the realm is extremely hard.

  1. Go to Soul Society
  2. The player should have enough Shikai Exp to meditate
  3. Press ‘M’ to mediate for 5 mins
  4. If a player doesn’t have enough Shikai Exp, repeat the mediation process 3 times
  5. Attack the nearby player and die to enter the realm
  6. Talk to Shikai Boss and defeat him
  7. Once defeated, the player becomes Shikai

How to get Rerolls in Loot Box


The LootBox system has been introduced that rewards winning as well as losing teams a chance to grab infinite items such as elemental rerolls.

Enter the raid battle and wipe off the enemy until Loot Box drops from the air. Players should be one of the early ones to break the box to claim items. Red Puffer and White Puffer are pretty common in the boxes.

Bank Location

Bank Location and Use
Bank Location and Use

Type Soul allows users to store their items in inventory and occasionally trade for higher returns. It is a must for the user to know the location of the bank for ease of carrying objects.

  1. Enter the main city and search for the bridge
  2. Cross the bridge and head toward the hospital
  3. Go straight toward an easily visible desert area
  4. Poke an NPC to make a conversation
  5. The NPC shows the bank and allows the player to store items in inventory.

How to get Schrift


Schrift is a special character with more intense abilities. Users should head towards the Statue of Wanden and start the mission with a certain elimination task to become a common Schrift.

  • Eliminate 15 Fishbones
  • Kill 5 Menos
  • Kill 3 Adjuchas
  • Wipe 5 Shimigami
  • Defeat 5 Arrancar

Once this simple but time-consuming task is completed, the player can have a chance to become Schrift.

How to get Vasto Lorde & VastoCar

Vaste Lorde aka VastoCar
Vaste Lorde aka VastoCar

Upon the revamp, unlocking Vasto Lorde has become a lot easier than before. This phase can later be transformed into VastoCar thus superiority increases rapidly.

  1. Choose a race – namely Fishbone
  2. Eliminate at least 20 Hollows to become Menos
  3. Kill one to transform into Adjuchas (NPC or Player)
  4. Wipe off nearby Ajuchas to get +2 Mask Cracks
  5. Collect a total of 25 Mask Cracks
  6. Challenge and defeat NPC (who is a boss)
  7. Players become VastoCar / Vasto Lorde

Type Soul Major Update Codes

Type Soul Major Update Codes
Type Soul Major Update Codes

As games have recently made a comeback, Type Soul Codes that are new and working are available for the whole gaming community. Use them to redeem a few tokens as well as progressions.

  • eduardobrg
  • doomatearoom
  • weareback
  • tamaiscool
  • tradehub
  • mainmenufixes
  • gamerstones

There are way more things that need to be uncovered in the upcoming time. Keep on redeeming Roblox Codes grinding for higher rewards.


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