Google Play Store is getting a redesigned interface for Product Pages

While the Google team has been dropping several UI redesigns lately, the company finally debuted a new design for its Google Play Store product pages. Although the core layout remains similar, there have been minor tweaks, such as the adoption of Material You that matches the current version of Android better.

Today, I noticed that the UI for Play Store’s Product Page has been modified with a more modern, streamlined, and space-efficient interface, where the logo of the application has decreased in size and the positions of the Publisher Name and App Name are altered.

Google Play Store New Design
The left pic shows the old UI, while the new one is at the right side / Gamer Stones

The older design has a drop-down arrow near the Install button, that triggers a menu for choosing installation options on multiple devices. This functionality is not available in the newer version.

As depicted in the image, the download info of the application is adjusted. In the old design, the download information like App Size, Reviews, Downloads, etc was available in a slide menu. The slider is absent in the new interface.

Looks like the new design is in A/B testing

It is interesting to note that I encountered the new design and, within a few hours, Play Store was back to the old layout. As Google often uses A/B testing to test new designs, before going live for a wider audience, it is possible that I was a part of the test group.

Another possibility is that the new feature, due to a glitch or accident, likely rolled out to a wider audience than intended.


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