Google is rolling out ‘Summarize this email’ feature in the Gmail app

Google is progressing with its Generative AI and its application on various products, and it looks like Google is continuing to iterate with a newly spotted “Summarize this email” button within the Gmail app. However, tapping it does not trigger any action, indicating the early development phase.

Google has already integrated generative AI into Google Workspace via Gemini, but only for Gemini Advanced subscribers. But soon, several premium features will be made available to users at large.

Summarize this email button in Gmail

PiunikaWeb (via AssembleDebug) reported it from Gmail app (version v2024.03.31.621006929). Check out the given screenshot, showcasing the ‘Summarize this Email‘ button (inactive) below the email subject.

Summarize this email button in Gmail
Image source: PiunikaWeb

Moreover, there’s a new option called “Gemini” in the three-dot menu, but it currently opens just a blank screen. Check out the following screenshots provided by the debugger via PiunikaWeb.

It is worth mentioning that Gmail for desktops already offers a similar feature for users in select countries. This feature is rolling out gradually and may not be available to you yet. To access, open an email from Gmail and tap ‘Ask Gemini’, from the top-right corner. Several drop-down menus will appear, and click on the desired prompt.

Reputed publications have praised this by saying, “nevertheless be a useful feature for Gmail on smartphones.” It will indeed ensure the time efficiency for super-length messages.


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