Palworld v0.1.4.1 Patch Notes fixes Bugs and Glitches

Palworld’s next patch notes are here. Taking previous glitches and bugs into account, major issues have been fixed by the Pocket Pair.

Palworld has released a patch for stream v0.1.4.1 whole Xbox patch of v0.1.1.4 is expected very soon. Considering both console platforms, players can now enjoy seemingly glitch-free experiences as cheating and bugs have been discarded.

Palworld Patch Notes

Palworld Bugs fixed
Palworld Bugs fixed

1. Palworld crashing Fixed

Players encountered frequent crashing of servers when the Pals count exceeded the limit of 7,00 by the guild. Also, saved progress was no longer available but fortunately has been fixed.

2. Saved Progress can be loaded

“Save data that had already been in this state (for servers, the server’s world data) remained in a broken state that made it impossible to load, but after applying this patch it will be resolved and will load properly.”

3. Disappearance of weapons in multiplayer

Glitches fixed
Glitches fixed

A glitch was found where all weapons equipped by the player would simply disappear when a grenade was used. Users seem angry that an annoying gameplay experience was disturbed.

4. The bug that displayed increasing capture probability

With the use of Lifmunk Effigies, capture strength increased effectively while having no impact on Pals. This bug has been fixed in the current update.

5. Palworld Base Fixes

Two major base-related updates were found to interrupt the walkthrough. Pals would never wake when manually made to sleep on the breeding farm. Another glitch never dropped wood when a tree fell by the base.


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