‘We’re providing dedicated servers to Palworld’: Xbox

Undoubtedly, the Pocket Pair’s Palworld has become a gaming sensation. Xbox has designated Palworld as the ‘Biggest 3rd party Game Pass launch’, which invited 3 million daily active users on Xbox as a part of Xbox Game Preview.

Even though the title has an amazing start, it seems to lack dedicated servers on Xbox. Xbox merely supports 4-player co-op mode. On the other hand, the Steam version has dedicated servers and it supports 32 players.

Furthermore, the cross-platform support is also limited to PC Game Pass. But no worries as the given hurdles are about to undergo significant changes.

xbox palworld 7 million players
Xbox Palworld 7 million players

Xbox Wire has confirmed that they are working closely with Pocket Pair, providing them necessary support for Xbox versions of the game.

“We’re providing support to enable dedicated servers, offering engineering resources to help with GPU and memory optimization,” says Xbox.

Xbox will be speeding up the process to make the Palworld updates available for players and even optimize Palworld to the platform.

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe was pleased to experience millions of players enjoying Palworld. Mizobe states this success a just the beginning and confirms that the feedback during the Game Preview would be considered.

The Xbox Game Preview program allows the developers to record the feedback from the gaming community. Palworld is a part of the Xbox Game Preview Program.


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