Palworld Player Breeds an Ultra-Fast Jetragon

Pocket Pair’s Palworld has managed to manifest a striking zone in the gaming industry. With 2 million concurrent Steam players, the internet is flooded with Palworld Memes.

The joy of the game continues to grow and the players continue to share impressive segments. Among those enthusiast players, RynthPlaysGames has bred a very fast dragon called Jetragon.

The breeding is among the most complex mechanisms of Palworld, and yet the player has managed to have mastery over it. He discovered the right way of breeding the ultra-fast Pal.

Speedy Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon in Palworld

RynthPlaysGames also shared the statistics of the Pal with active skills of Lightning Bolt, Blizzard Spike, and Beam Comet. However, the actual enigma of the absurd acceleration lies in the passive skills. Passive skills like Runner, Legends, and Swift elevate the speedometer.

The player has not mentioned any specific way regarding the breeding procedure.

Palworld new discovery
Palworld new discovery

The given Jetragon is massively faster than the first Jetragon, specifically known for speed in Palworld. A Reddit user asked RynthPlaysGames how you bred the second Jetragon. “They respawn at that spot periodically!”, OP responded.

In addition, the esteemed Jetragon can be used as a Flying Mount and even fire missiles when mounted.

But not spotless

Bred a zooming dragon, we’re going to need seatbelts for this one
byu/RynthPlaysGames inPalworld

Even though the Pal is a very great for fighting and traveling at insane speed, players will still prefer Direhowl. The reason to select Direhowl over any other mount is its miniature size. It can be used to span over little spaces with an adequate pace.

Other than Direhowl, Kitsun could also be a perfect match. However, neither Kitsun nor Direhowl has passive traits like Jetragon do.


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