With 2 million concurrent Steam players, Palworld is just behind PUBG

Pokemon with Guns game Palworld has become massively popular and sees no signs of stopping. With over 2 million concurrent players on Steam, Palworld ranks just behind PUBG in the top charts.

PUBG stands at the top with 3.2M concurrent players while Palworld has replaced CS: GO for the second spot with 1.8M active players. Lost Ark and Dota 2 secures fourth and fifth spot respectively. 24-hour peak for Palworld is fourth times PUBG peaks.

Palworld is number 2 on Steam
Palworld is number 2 on Steam

With 8 million copies sold in less than a week, the Media sees Palworld as an overnight success but the reality is far different. We may expect a feature of PvP for Pals in the roadmap that tracks the course of the future of Palworld.

Additionally, Pocket Pair considers cheating as a major issue to deal with to keep fair play and a competitive environment on console devices. Some patches will be implemented soon to restrict exploitations along with mods.

Palworld sold 8 million copies in 6 days
Palworld sold 8 million copies in 6 days

With the recent Update, players are facing various new issues hindering thousands of users’ experience. Infinite loading glitch is most commonly encountered while current progress is lost and unable to be retrieved.


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