Palworld Developers to Take Legal Action Against Impersonator on X

On January 28, Pocket Pair highlighted an impersonator on X, who advertised NFTs and even promised in-game rewards. The imitator account has been blocked, and the Palworld developers are considering legal action.

As per the X post spotted by Tech Raptor, the fake official account whose username is @Palwcrld_jp is trying to mimic the actual official account (@Palworld_JP) by replacing ‘O’ with ‘C’.

One can’t be hailed guilty for not observing the true username when glancing. In addition, the verified golden checkmark badge behind the username made it look even more authoritative.

Fake Palworld X account
Fake Palworld X account with Golden Checkmark

Twitter says, “The gold checkmark indicates that the account is an official organization account through Verified Organizations.” And, as of now, we have no intel available on how the impersonator was able to get verified with the fake organization details.

The given below is the fake site that asks to purchase Palworld NFTs.

Fake Palworld website
Fake Palworld website by impersonator

“It is very malicious, impersonating the world’s ‘O’ to ‘C’ and impersonating the gold badge. Dear users, please be careful about fake products.”, says Pocket Pair.

“There have been reports that people are being led to NFTs, but our company does not issue any NFTs. This account has been reported to the person in charge at Company X. We are also considering legal action.”, Pocket Pair continued.

Even though the Imitator account was terminated, we have no data on how many users fell for the trap. Given that Palworld already had 2 million active players, excluding fans, the victims might be in greater numbers.

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