Clash Royale: App Store Update 2023

Clash Royale is heading for a New Content Update on November 6, and the small changes made now set up the big event. The Clash Royale October update is now live, introducing some minor changes and improvements.

The biggest highlight of this update is the introduction of Bot Practices, which really will hone attacking skills. Clash Royale is looking for a major update in the upcoming month, however for a brief overview, here are major highlights of the update.

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App Store Changes 2023 – Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

Bot Practice

The daunting task of selecting the best decks in Clash Royale, and getting oneself familiar with them is made easy with Bot Practices. There are two types of Bots (Clash Royale has patented them).

The first one will have no Champion, and you will go 1-on-1 against him. Meanwhile, the second one might be a little tougher to defeat. Supercell team expressed these Bots:

No more inflating your ego with easy wins against poor Trainer Jonas. 

Players can practice with their deck against a formidable bot that has the potential to dominate two of three towers. In order to access them, go to Battle Log and click Practice.

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Minor Changes

Here is an overview of Clash Royale update 2023:

  • Improved in-game communications through UI Pop-Ups
  • Removed King Level Cap on Trades
  • Android game no longer needs External Storage Permission
  • conversion of Magic Items to Elite Wild Cards has stopped
  • Fix for Evolved Firecracker activating Evolved Barbarians’ Anger with each attack
  • Fix for crashes when watching Deck Explorer replays
  • Fixed card info screen of Elite Level Evolutions missing the Magic Item button
  • Fixed Troops facing the wrong way when pushed back
  • Fixed Lightning chests showing incorrect Elite Wild Card total
  • Fix for Player Profile not showing Evolved card properly in Battle Deck
  • Fixed issue with chests in Shop offers to display incorrect Arena
  • Many UI fixes/improvements for foldable devices
  • Fixed the Game crashing when buying Elite Wild Cards from the shop while at the inventory limit
  • Removed Hoggy Bank gold being increased when players canceled a trade

This is just a tweak for a major content upcoming rolling on November 6, 2023. The upcoming update will introduce a new Champion with a new Card Evolution.

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