BEST Boost Fields Deck in Clash Royale (Guide + Tips)

Clash Royale introduces a new mode of Boost Fields which is now live and will last for a week. With this new event, players get a chance to try out new modified features which is the removal of bridge and rivers and leaving out is just vast ground.

Deck: Best Deck for Clash Royale Event

When it comes to new things, players are confused and show no positive sign of confidence growth. To end this loop, we are here with the Best Deck for Boost Fields that will fire up your main hand.

Boost Fields Deck in Clash Royale

best deck
best deck

With the end of the Champion Clash challenge, there is a beginning of Boost Fields and chances of getting supported by its challenge form in the next few days. Let’s talk about what actually makes this game mode different from normal.

Best Deck: Top Clash Royale Deck

Boost Fields Event Deck

boost fields event
boost fields event

Being everything expelled except the ground which obviously requires battling. There is a narrow line that differentiates the area of deploying cards from the battlefield which applies to both enemy and player.

Magical Boost Potions spawn across the Arena, allowing the Troops that pass through them to power up! Played on an open battlefield. Now with 100% less river!

To make it fair play, some of the cards have been temporarily unavailable which include Miner (directly attack towers), Drill(due to its super ability), and lastly Goblin Barrel.

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Best Boost Fields Deck

Boost Fields best deck
Boost Fields best deck

Below is one of the finest card combinations designed which will let players win without caring much about this new event. If the player does not match the playing frequency of the defined deck, changes are always welcomed which might be helpful to certain users.

Boost Fields: Tips and Tricks

boost fields clash royale
boost fields clash royale
  1. The player’s first preference should be to target a lower-placed mini-tower through one of two sides.
  2. Defending is equally important as carrying out a well-organized attack.
  3. Do not attempt to play cards for the sake of deploying when a player has an excess of exilic collected
  4. Follow cards and use high-hit point troops to cover important cards which might be a game-changing strategy for you
  5. Always have backup troops to counter attackers in the worst scenario
  6. Fill the deck with air and ground types otherwise, it’s an easy-win situation for the opponent


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