Roblox DOORS: How to Unlock and Use Modifiers

Roblox DOORS has recently rolled out a Modifiers update. The Modifiers is a particular setting that is applied before the game, making the walkthrough either more challenging or easier. For instance, the Free Runner Modifier enables the players to jump and run faster, meanwhile, the Dark Modifier makes rooms darker, making it more challenging to see.

Currently, there are 30 Modifiers available to use, and here is a comprehensive guide to unlocking all of them.

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How to Unlock Modifiers in Roblox DOORS?

Hotel Hell Modifiers
Hotel Hell Modifiers

To unlock the Modifiers Menu, players have to complete the Escape Door #100 Challenge, which is to escape the door without dying.

Once the Modifiers are unlocked, click on the Modifiers Menu button, located at the bottom-right corner. Here players will be able to gaze upon the locked Modifiers and the ways to unlock them. To unlock each Modifier, you need to unlock a Badge.

For instance, to get started, players will be asked to unlock the Hotel Hell Badge and Not Five Star Badge in Roblox Doors. The rest of the modifiers can be easily unlocked by simply collecting the badges.

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How to Use Modifiers in Roblox DOORS?

How to use modifiers in Roblox DOORS?
Follow the given steps to use and activate Modifiers in Roblox Doors (Image via Fandom)
  1. Once the Modifier Menu is accessible, click on it.
  2. Choose the Modifiers you intend to use further.
  3. Once the Modifier selection is made, make the desired changes to the settings, and click on Create.

In Roblox DOORS, you can choose only one Modifier from the group at a time. You are free to select as many Modifiers as you want, but only one can be chosen from the grouped ones.

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How Modifiers Work in Roblox DOORS?

Roblox DOORS: Hotel and Modifiers Update

As mentioned earlier, Modifiers do the work of manipulating the in-game aspects to make the game comfortable or problematic. Depending upon the Modifiers, players can change the course of Roblox Doors.

However, Modifiers do not just make the game difficult or easier, they add and deduct the game coins. Likewise in the case of the Lights on modifier, it will deduct 25% of coins, as the rooms will be more visible. On the other hand, the How Unfortunate modifier will add 30% of coins, as the rooms will be made harder to survive.

LSPLASH, the developers of DOORS, have come up with an amazing modifier update, allowing the players to challenge themselves. Players can delve into the variety of modifiers and come up with the most suitable ones.


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