How to get Hotel Hell Badge & Not Five Stars Badge in DOORS (Roblox)

Roblox DOORS Modifiers Update is now live bringing a brand new two events and challenging to reward with a Hotel Hell badge as well as the Not Five Stars Badge. These achievements will be accessible if one player chooses the right key combination to get a certain threshold bonus to complete the mission.

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How to get Hotel Hell Badge in Doors

How to get Hotel Hell Badge
How to get a Hotel Hell Badge

Here is a guide on How to get Hello Hell achievement simply by increasing our bonus score using modifiers. Once, the bonus has reached a range of 150% or more, users can collect this badge instantly. Have a look at the top modifier allowing the user’s door to increase strength by a whopping amount.

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Modifiers for Hotel Hell Badge in Doors

Hotel Hell Modifiers
Hotel Hell Modifiers
  • Rush Hour: 5% Up
  • Wrong Number: 5% increase
  • How Unfortunate: Negative 30%
  • Lights On: -25%
  • Power Shortage: increment of 15%
  • Wear and Tear: +5%
  • Soundproofing: +20%
  • Bad Time: lower by 10%

There’s a problem, it is unusually very tough to gather such quality bonuses without external help. Use our modifiers list to choose the best among them and have pretty good momentum to win badges.

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How to get Not Five Stars Badge in Doors

How to get Not Five Stars
How to get Not Five Stars

Getting Not Five Stars Badge is a lot easier to collect compared to Hotel Hell or other achievements. With modifiers increasing the overall rate by 50%, one can claim in the fastest possible way. Below are some of the best-proven modifiers that let you boost your percentage rapidly.

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Modifiers Not Five Stars Badge

Not Five Stars Modifiers
Not Five Stars Modifiers
  • Uh Oh: increase by 10%
  • How unfortunate: increment of 30%
  • Bad Electrical Work: up by 10,%<
  • El Goblin on Break; Huge decrement of 50%
  • El Goblin Was Here: -5% bonus
  • More Stuff: -50%
  • Less Stuff: +5%
  • Gone Fishing: +10%
  • We Floor: slight increase of 5%

Once this task is executed, click on the Create button to finish ongoing door work and finally craft a well-planned and designed door giving the highest yield and percentage in no time.

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