All 14 School Bus Parts Location in Car Dealership Tycoon (Roblox)

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon (CDT) for the massive update of Barn Hunt which brought the School Bus event. In this event, the player has to collect 14 parts of the bus through various locations find a vehicle to complete the mission, and claim a reward.

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School Bus Event in Car Dealership Tycoon

School Bus Hunt Event in CDT
School Bus Hunt Event in CDT

With the new update, the School Bus challenge has been introduced allowing players to grind hard to collect a total of 14 parts spread throughout the map. At last, rewards are worth working for, but to make your struggle easier, Here is a list of Bus Parts locations made available to you in TDS quickly.

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How to find School Bus Parts Location in Car Dealership Tycoon

There are a total of 14 parts from the bus main body, tires, seats, etc. When all of these parts are combined and successfully assembled, the player unlocks a brand new School Bus of shining yellow color and earns lots of cash as a reward worth collecting.

School Bus Parts Location in CDT

14 Parts of School Bus
14 Parts of School Bus
  • Part 1: Being the first vehicle part, the Main Body is easily located near the Garage and is simple to collect
  • Part 2: Drive towards the road on the hilly region to collect Seats 1 as a prize
  • Part 3: The engine part is spawning between the border of the desert and the mainland
  • Part 4: Beside Lake, Seats 2 part is hidden between tall trees
  • Part 5: Go to a white building located alongside of glass bungalow, get the Rear Lights part
  • Part 6: The player can have access to the Interior part through the open ground space of the game
  • Part 7: A few steps ahead from the valley, Seats 3 is available
  • Part 8: Away from the lonely house, Front Body is seem
  • Part 9: At the center of the Desert, Seats 4 part is waiting for you
  • Part 10: On the top of Giant Rock, Front Lights have a chance to appear
    Part 11: Make your toward the corner of the highway using a Lamborghini or Bugatti to carry Seats 5
  • Part 12: Front Wheels are situated on an open space near the whiteboard listing items
  • Part 13: The user can collect Doors through a spot on a big highway road junction
  • Part 14: Follow the path towards the highest part of the map to collect the Rear Wheels easily

How to get a Limousine in Car Dealership Tycoon

Limousine Car Dealership Tycoon
Limousine Car Dealership Tycoon

With this School Bus Hunt Event, a new Class 1 car has been added. Pink color stunning looks of the Limousine car are waiting for the player to ride them across each area in CDT.

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  1. Open Car Dealership Tycoon game
  2. Go to Shop into Cars Menu
  3. Choose a Limousine vehicle added after a recent update
  4. All the specifications & cost is available
  5. At present, the Rent option is available for this car
  6. Rent a Limousine and ride for 15 minutes straight
  7. In the near future, Limousine will be available to buy completely

Features of Limousine in CDT

How to get Limousine CDT
How to get Limousine CDT
  • Speed: 207 (fast)
  • Handling: 0.7
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Per mile: Costs $2000+
  • Rent Time: 15 minutes (present)

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