How to get Gravity Glove in Slap Battles (Roblox Guide)

Roblox Slap Battles keep on adding new gloves and badges to them, with recent updates, Slap Battles Gravity Glove has been introduced with super strong gravitational pull and attraction as its major strength. At last, once this glove is unlocked, the Secret Badge is claimed and remains in your collection forever.

Here is a complete guide on how to get Gravity in Slap Battles with the help of simple tactics and requirements that the player needs to fulfill and they get their favorite glove.

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Gravity Glove Slap Battles

Gravity Gloves contain 2x gravity strength which is capable of attracting or pulling the enemy downward by extreme force and in this instance, multiple slaps can be claimed, leading to an increase in our score. Below are features of Gravity in Retro Slap Battles that make it special and handy to use to beat opponents with no mercy at all

Gravity Slap Battles

  • Power: 52
  • Speed: 17
  • Ability: 2x Gravity
  • How to use: Press E
  • Requires: 27k slaps

How to get Gravity Glove in Slap Battles

How to get the gravity glove in Slapt Battles
How to get the gravity glove in Slapt Battles

As per statistics, one can easily get Gravity Glove with the help of an achievement target of 27k slaps. The user needs to grind hard for this feat while this task is time-consuming. Below is a set of instructions allowing you to get gloves easily.

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How to get Gravity in Slap Battles

  1. Open Slap Battles game
  2. Go to the location where all gloves are listed
  3. At present, Gravity Glove is added to this list
  4. Complete in battles to get 27k slaps
  5. Once the target is accomplished, the player can unlock Gravity Glove by claiming it
  6. Now, use this glove to beat enemies and slap them for uncountable times.

How to get a Secret Badge in Slap Battles

Secret Badge Slap Battles
Secret Badge Slap Battles

Players who have been playing Roblox Slap Battle for months or years can relate to this. With each new glove, there is an entry of a super rare and unique Badge on your victory. For this glove, Slap Battle Secret Badge is earned which is proof of getting a gravity glove.

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