How to get free gems using Razer Gold in Supercell Games (COC, CR, Brawl Stars and Hay Day)

On the occasion of its 11th anniversary, Clash of Clans partners with Razer Gold allowing players to take advantage of 10% extra gems on each successful purchase across all supercell games. With YouTube Content Creator Code, it’s possible to get a 10% extra gem along with a high percentage of coin rebate if the transaction has a higher value.

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Here is a detailed guide explaining How to use Razer to buy gems in Supercell games which include COC, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. At last, there’s a surprise, allowing you to save cash but resulting in extra coins and diamonds before the offer ends.

Supercell X Razer Gold

Supercell and Razer Gold
Supercell and Razer Gold

On the 11th anniversary of Clash of Clans, players from the Supercell Fankit community get a chance to have a higher percentage of rewards through ongoing deals, value bundles, and shops. Razer Gold and Silver offer is valid from Aug 1st to 31st. Below are instructions to get more gems + rebates through the Razer payment system.

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How to get free gems using Razer Gold in Supercell Games

  1. Open the Supercell game, you want to buy gems
  2. Choose the pack or bundle the player wishes to purchase
  3. Make transactions using the Razer Gold platform
  4. Get 10% extra gems for eligible offers
  5. Use Redeem Codes to get 10% more gems
  6. Purchase over $9.99 to have a 10% rebate
  7. Grab this offer before time runs out.
how to get free gems Razer Supercell
how to get free gems Razer Supercell

Should we use Razer Gold for purchasing gems in Supercell Games

Players use their preferred UPI to pay for gems with no extra incentives. But with Razer, higher quantities of gems are claimed and rebates are made which is totally on the side of the user. In conclusion, one should try out Razer to buy gems and enjoy the benefits.

Payment Methods available at Razer Gold & Silver

Razer contains a popular variety of games. from consoles, PC, Laptops & now targeting mobile devices. Here is a list of payment gateway options a player has while making a successful transaction.

  • Razer Gold
  • Razer Silver
  • Nubank
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • UPI

Options are better as they reduce the chance of accidental cancellation of payment at the last moment due to limited restrictions. Now with this support, be free to buy Brawl Stars Gems without any tension of bank issues.

Clash of Clans Razer Offers

  • Gold Pass
  • Bag of gems
  • Pocketful of gems
  • Pile of gems
  • Sack of gems
  • Box of gems
  • Chest of gems

Each offer contains more quantity of gems and prices are too lowered at present due to exclusive offers.

Clash Royale Razer Offers

Supercell Razer Offers
Supercell Razer Offers
  • Pass Royale
  • Fistful of gems
  • Pouch of gems
  • Bucket of gems
  • Barrel of gems
  • Wagon of gems
  • Mountain of gems
  • Diamond Pass

Brawl Stars and Hay Day are too exclusive and limited to Razer Silver coins. The player has once in a lifetime opportunity to get huge discounts while referring to the player to make a payout is essential to spread the joy of saving.

Razer Brawl Stars Gems

Brawl Star is a rising game and emerging from nowhere. Since its launch popularity has been steadily increasing. Most players are finding ways to get extra gems in Brawl Stars and eventually get known about the Razer offer which is ongoing.

As a standard offer and discount, the max concession of 10% will be given on gems as well as an extra rebate on specific payments. Note that this has no correlation with getting Free Gems Brawl Stars 2023 as actual money is spent to buy in-game resources called gems.

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