FloodRush Guide: New Supercell Game and Release Date

Floodrush is a newly announced Supercell game followed by Squad Busters. Similar to previous games, Supercell always releases them in beta in limited countries before making it a successful global launch. This game is entirely different from other Supercell games in terms of graphics, theme, and crossplay of existing characters.

For Floodrush Supercell has made the first beta from May 9 to June 7 available for Android only in certain countries which includes New Zealand, Australia, the US, the UK, and Singapore. Here is a complete guide on How to play Floodrush on an Android or iOS device.


FloodRush Gameplay

Flood Rush Supercell
Flood Rush Supercell

With the theme of Survive or Sink, Floodrush is a strategic game where the clash between seekers and monsters takes place on an island that keeps on sinking slowly. Only the survivors make their way out before time ends after beating opponent monsters completely.

FloodRush on Google PlayStore (Link)

There are a total of 8 seekers and our team is required to choose 3 of them. Fighting for life is the main motto of the game. Some of the troops included Boxer Crab, and Lava Rex as strong defenders while Fish and Raptors were safeguarded with pistols. The overall game is fun to play and worth trying.

Floodrush Global Release Date

Flood Rush Release Date
Flood Rush Release Date

Floodrush is currently under its first beta and is expected to go under many more in the upcoming months before getting a release date. Also, Officials have not confirmed the Floodrush Release Date.

We can expect the next beta after a couple of months just like Squad Busters had its second Beta. The next one will be filled with even more troops, Islands, and fun.

Flood Rush
Flood Rush

Floodrush Features

  • Survive or Sink
  • Time to Rush
  • Your Band of Misfits
  • Set Sail on Adventure


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