Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 7

In the realm of Clash of Clans, Town Hall 7 plays a pivotal role, as our first hero Barbarian King is made available. Level 5 is the maximum level that the Barbarian King can reach at Town Hall 7 (TH7). The special ability too is unlocked here. In addition, some of the formidable troops like Hog Riders are unlocked, creating an easy way to attack opponents.

If you are looking for the best attack strategies for Town Hall 7, we have listed you 10 best attacks for you.

Town Hall 7 Attack Strategy

Town Hall 7 - Dragons Attack Strategy
Image via Jsmith Gaming

Dragons and Balloons

  • 8 Balloons
  • 8 Dragons
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • CC: Balloons

Initially choose the side to start an attack. Sparsely deploy the dragons and once the defenses are set on Dragons, follow them with Balloons. Use Rage Spells on balloons. Here, the Barbarian King will do the work of funnel creation.

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Best TH7 Army

Town Hall 7 Hog Rider Attack
Image via Jsmith Gaming

Zap Hog Riders

  • Archers: 14
  • Giants: 7
  • Wall Breakers: 5
  • Wizards: 4
  • Hog Riders: 25
  • Heal Spells: 3
  • CC: Hog Riders

Here we will use Giants as a decoy, they will take on the area splash damage. Follow the Giants with wizards, and then deploy all Hog Riders in one place. Save Heal spells for Hog Riders, and use only when the majority of Hog Riders have half of the health remaining.

Best Town Hall 7 Army

Town Hall 7 Balloons Attack
Image via Jsmith Gaming

Zap Balloons

  • Balloons: 30
  • Dragon: 1
  • Minions: 15
  • Rage Spell: 3

This attack strategy is among the most formidable ones. Just make sure to eliminate enemy Clan Castle troops. Dragon and minions can be used to do so. Then start placing the balloons in a line and use Rage Spells. Be careful with area splash damage from Wizard Tower.

Best Town Hall 7 Attack Strategy

Town Hall 7 Best Attack
Image via Mr. Ash

Giant and Wizards

  • Archers: 10
  • Giants: 10
  • Healers: 4
  • Wall Breakers: 8
  • Wizards: 7
  • Hog Rider: 8
  • Heal Spells: 2
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • CC: Hog Riders

In this attack, Healers will protect Giants meanwhile the Heal Spells will work on the Hog Riders. After deploying the Giants and Healers, follow them with Wizards. Use Archers to clear up the rest of the base.

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TH7 Attack Strategies

Town Hall 7 Attack Guide
Image via Dark Barbarian


  • Giants: 24
  • Wizards: 15
  • Wall Breakers: 10
  • Rage Spells: 1
  • Heal Spells: 2
  • CC: Hog Riders

This is a zap Giant attack strategy, where you will deploy giants at two spots from the same side. Use wall breakers to create a way into the base layout, and follow troops with wizards. Use spells on Giants and Hog Riders.

Best Town Hall 7 Attacks

Town Hall 7 Zap Dragons
Image via Klaus Gaming

Zap Dragons and Lightning

  • Dragons: 10
  • Lightning Spells: 6
  • CC: Balloons

Here comes another attack Zap attack strategy. This is among the easiest ones, in which you will take down 1 Air Defense with 5 lightning spells. Try to take out Air Sweeper along with Air Defense. Then deploy all the Dragons in a line.

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TH7 Attack Strategy 2023

TH7 Best Attack Strategy
Image via Klaus Gaming

Zap Dragons + Rage

  • Dragons: 30
  • Rage Spells: 3
  • Clan Castle: Balloons

In the recent attack, lightning spells were used to clear out Air Defense. Meanwhile, the esteemed attack will use Rage Spells to strengthen Dragons and Balloons. The steps to execute this attack are the same as the previous one. In both of these attacks, attackers don’t have to worry about enemy CC troops.

Clash of Clans Best Army TH7

Town Hall 7: Best Attack
Image via Jonathan Gaming

Giant + Healers

  • Archers: 7
  • Giants: 15
  • Healers: 2
  • Hog Riders: 8
  • Wizards: 10
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Heal Spell: 2
  • CC: Hog Riders

When Healers enter the base, it becomes a lot more convenient to successfully eradicate the base. Deploy Giants and follow them with Wizards. Once the defense systems are diverted to Giants, follow the troops with Healers. Use Heal Spells of Hog Riders.

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Town Hall 7 – Air Attack Strategy

Town Hall 7 Legend League
Image via Sturge

Balloons and Minions + Rage

  • Balloons: 30
  • Minions: 25
  • Rage Spells: 3

Rage Spells, when combined with Balloons, incredibly enhance the potential. Here Rage Spells will bestow Balloons with massive power, meanwhile, the following Minions will clear out the base and take down the enemy Clan Castle. In some cases, Minions can be reduced by increasing the Balloon count.

Town Hall 7 – Trophy Pushing attack strategy

Town Hall 7 Trophy Pushing
Image via Clasher Shubham

Raged Dragon

  • Archers: 4
  • Wizards: 2
    Dragons: 9
  • Minions: 4
  • Rage Spells: 3
  • Clan Castle: Balloons or Dragon

This attack strategy is used by Clash Bashing to get himself into Legend League at Town Hall 7. This army can even secure a star on semi-max Town Hall 9. Here, use Minions to clear the outside buildings. Barbarian King can be used to do the same.

Now, deploy all the dragons, each one targeting a separate building. Assist these Dragons with Balloons from Clan Castle.

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