Clash of Clans: Town Hall 15 Best Attack Strategy

Town Hall 15 is the latest in the series of Town Halls in Clash of Clans. Its inclusion bought a variety of new in-game mechanisms that entirely changed the course of attacks. New additions like the Monolith and the Spell Towers have further intensified our hurdles while attacking. But no worries, here is the Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 15 to easily secure 3 stars.

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Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 15

Clash of clans Builder

Army Composition:

  • Healers: 5
  • Baby Dragon: 1
  • Yeti: 7
  • Hog RIders: 8
  • Bowlers: 12
  • Siege: Log Launcher
  • Heal Spells: 2
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Jump Spell: 1
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Clan Castle:  Rage Spell + 1 Freeze Spell

Choose a side to start

The foremost step to start attacking is to choose a side that has most of the lethal defenses. Try to start from the side from where the Eagle Artillery can be taken down easily.

Deploy your Archer Queen and follow it with 4 Healers. Archer Queen will start destroying the base from one side, meanwhile, deploying yetis from the adjacent side. Follow the yetis with bowlers. Make sure to deploy 6 bowlers from the side of Yeti and the other 6 bowlers from the side of Archer Queen.

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Create a Path

Use the siege machine to create a pathway for our troops, and follow the army with all hog riders and the heroes. Once the army is in the base layout, use Grand Warden’s special ability.

In case the army seems going off the base, use Baby Dragon to create a funnel.

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Use Spells

Make the perfect use of the spells with precise deployment. Use Rage Spells on the Bowlers and Yetis to extract the best out of them. You can even use rage spells on Archer Queen and healers.

Poison Spell is to be used on Clan Castle troops or on the enemy heroes and se Jump Spell on walls.

In order to make the best use of Heal Spell, try its usage on the majority of troops. It is the personal discretion to use the Freeze spell, as it is best suited on Inferno Tower, Monoloth, or on Poison Spell Tower.

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By following the given steps, players can easily manage to secure a three-star victory over a Town Hall 15 base.


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