Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy for Clan Capital

In Clash of Clans, Raid Weekend has now evolved into a weekly event, where the clans partake in a clan war in Clan Capital. With each attack, the event awards the players with capital points which increases our donation in districts. As there are just 5 + 1 attacks available, where the +1 is secured on a 3-star attack, having an easy yet effective army becomes crucial to survive in this competition.

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In this guide, players shall get familiar with a perfect attack strategy for Clan Capital in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy for Clan Capital

Army Composition:

  • Super Giant: 3
  • Power P.E.K.K.A: 1
  • Skeleton Barrels: 4
  • Raged Barbarians: 11
  • Rocket Balloons: 1
  • Minions: 1
  • Battle Ram: 8
  • Lightning Spells: 7

How to Three-Star a District in Just One Attack?

Clan Capital: Best Attack Strategy
In this attack, the priority defenses are Blast Bow and Rocket Artillery. Prioritized defenses need to be taken down initially for the smooth proceeding of the attack.

Initially, use the Battle Rams to create a way through the base layout. Battle Rams and its units will distract the defenses, meanwhile, the high damage-dealing troops will yield destruction.

For instance, use Barbarians and Battle Ram to preoccupy Blast Bow and Rocket Artillery, and deploy PEKKA and Skeleton Barrels. Make sure that the Skeleton Barrels and PEKKA are targeting the prioritized defenses.

Lightning spells work best when used on a group of defenses. This can annihilate at least four of the defense system in an instance, making an easy way for the rest of the clearance. Keep on using Raged Barbarians in waves for continuous distraction for the defenses.

By following the given army composition, players can expect three stars over any district. However, the scenario might ask for expertise that can only be acquired by using it several times.

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Things to Remember

Clash of clans Builder

In this attack, the districts with Inferno Tower might cause little hindrance, however, that can easily be managed with Raged Barbarians. Instead of barbs, players can utilize Battle Rams.

As Capital Peak’s Capital Hall itself is an Artillery defense, this army composition might ask for at least two attacks to clear Capital Peak entirely. If the Capital Peak is set aside, players can anticipate 10,000 clan points per attack which will gather nearly 50,000 points in total.

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