BEST Builder Base 2.0 Base Layout and Design (NEW)

Builder Base 2.0 update is now live. Not only the addition of a new village to the game but lots of changes took place that has made Clash Of Clans into strategic gameplay. Attacking and defending are the two main prospects of the game. Every player should have a builder base 2.0 layout that engages well with the player’s flow and troubles the attacker. Not only defense is heavily boosted after each battle.Builder Base now includes two-stage protection, Builder Hall 10 being introduced which is a max level of BB, and a new village of OTTOs Outpost which too has a max level of 10. As player progress ahead into building and upgrading, there is a certain confusion in creating a base design that surprises the enemy.The following base is a true inspiration for someone who wants to build a BB 2.0 base that can have the capacity to remain undefeated most of the time.

Builder Base 2.0 Base

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Builder Base 2.0 Layout

Builder Base 2.0 layout

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New Builder Base Layout
New base

Not only do images provide a glimpse of the powerful and fully guarded building but also the placement of a Crusher to wipe off the group unit.

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Gold resources are earned battling while elixir resources are via defending.

new design
new design

Sneaky Archers are a great troop after level 20. Max level provided a more lasting effect of invisibility which is sad news for the rest of the base. Be careful with fast-moving troops.

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Builder Base 2.0 Design

Elixir Cart collects loot when our defense withstands again 3-star destruction which is why one should focus on defense as well.

Reinforcement Camp, Healing Hut and Battle Copter unlocks at Builder Hall 10 which adds a new version of the hero to the army with healing effects for existing units used.

COC Builder Base 2.0
Builder Base

The size of the reinforcement camp is greater than the army camp which helps to reach the corresponding stages.

There are many secrets that are left to uncover which supercell hides in this base. Builder Base 2.0 is structured to have night all the time opposite to the home village having daytime for years.

One can easily travel through Home to Builder but not directly from Home Village to OTTOs Outpost as it is considered as an extra part of Builder Base currently and used to score 6 stars in any builder battles.


Otto’s Outpost has some cool gems and stones as decoration. Most of these are blue crystals of Sapphires which increases the glory of the base in its own way.

Clashers have the freedom to move buildings from one village to another based on their experiences, such to create one village with a fully guarded ground while the other with airway safeguarded.

Mix design which leads tricks the enemy into failure is one of the successful layouts needed to get bonanza rewards.

Base for BB 10
The base for BB 10

Being as enormous as Large Root and Root which is similar to Large Stone found in the home village while Small Root is covered with magical crystal that shines at night

Builder Hall 9 lasted at max level for many years, most of the players never maxed out and remained to progress hard to level up except for walls that cost heavy resources. With this update, Builder Base 9 base layout has been changed to a great extent. Keep on playing to gain familiarity with new variations.

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0

COC New base
COC New base

Here are some of the tips that must be followed if players want their base to be as perfect that defends every tactic.

For precautionary purposes, BH should be placed as the center while area splashes damaging defenses should protect the hall which benefits the user with chances of 1 star instead of 2 stars

coc builder base
coc builder base

Keep on dispersing traps to maximize efficiency and effects on troops. Lava Launcher and Air Bombs are such that should cover a range of important buildings.

Have you ever thought, barbarians or archers would have taken up base easily if multi-mortar was not introduced which reflects its importance and contribution?

The new X-Bow defense is quite good but unfortunately can be set to target ground type or air type only. This has limited damage to a certain extent.

clash of clans base
clash of clans base

For this drawback, attackers might zoom in and see the settings of the X-bow and choose the army wisely for a higher destruction rate.

As per YouTube base analysis, resources and storage buildings along with laboratory and gem mines should be situated in front of defenses. There are many benefits but the best one is to fuse attempts directly to destroy.

BB 2.0
BB 2.0


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