BEST Builder Hall 10 and Ottos Outpost Base Layout in Builder Base 2.0

Clash of Clans has released the biggest update of all time. Builder Base 2.0 which includes a brand new base of OTTOs Outpost along with Builder Hall 10. Here are the base layouts for builder hall 10 as well as OTTO’s Outpost base.

Take a look at all the BH10 bases and learn how perfect bases are built, also copy bases instantly. All the bases provided include extensive trials and experiments for the suitable position of certain of defenses.

Players can copy base in a whole manner without getting worried about failure during battles.

COC New update
COC New base update

We recommend not viewing the base but grasping important clues that will enhance players’ skills to develop their own village that might be as perfect as the layouts provided here are.

Builder Hall 10 Base Layout

Builder Base 2.0
Best Builder Base 10 Base Layout

Builder Hall 10 has turned into a vast builder base village since the addition of Battle Copter, Healing Hut, New Troop of X-Bow, Clash AI Tool, and many more buildings.

At present, our little village has grown enormously large, there is a need for Builder Hall 10 Base and layouts which creates a design that is perfect in all the sense.

There is a strong benefit of level 20 troops but lowering in units has balanced changes which have no extra benefit over attacking.

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Best BB10 Base

Here is the best layout which is used by professional COC content creators like Judo Sloth Gaming to protect their base from being 3 Star.

Being in the early stages, proper footage has not been captured but existing work significantly shows how an ideal layout should be.

Not only designs but crucial factors that lead to this perfect outcome are provided to keep the innovative minds of players into making their own BH10 Base.

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Best Builder Hall 10 Base

Builder Base 10 Base
Best Builder Base 10 Base

Out of all layouts, this base is best due to its nature of tricking troops and creating loops while dealing with defenses.

The general thumb rule includes placing traps that maximize damage to troops that are not capable to experience high damage at the same time. It can really get you towards victory.

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Traps are placed at the right place and extreme care has been taken to cover a larger area of tiles for boosting damage per second.

Best BH10 Base

Builder Base 10 Base
Builder Base 10 Base

Currently, BH10 is the max level in the builder base village and some robotic machines like B.O.B.

This has made it possible to have the 6th permanent Hut in the home village and another builder Hut shared between BB and Otto’s Outpost Base.

New animated army camps take longer spacing and hence require an idea to form layouts that won’t disappoint players during battles to earn rewards of spells and new resources.

Strategy: Here is Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy

BB10 Base Layout
BB10 Base Layout

More upgraded and strategically balanced base will be coming and this article will be regularly updated to keep viewers building anti-3-star thing that outsmarts everyone.

Some tips which every COC player should use include upgrading the wall before moving forward to the next stage.

builder hall 10
builder hall 10

Most of the players ignore it and later are stuck in the same state for a few months. Maxing about is quick early and little more farming can surely help strengthen group area.

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Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy

Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy
Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy

X-bow can easily take down low-hit point troops but hardly wipes off Super Gaint which is a major benefit to players to decide attack strategy which will help to achieve 6 stars in battles.

Cannon-turned mortars are one of the finest troops brought to the game. One can easily learn after the first match but requires good experience that shines during live battles.

Not only COC has become more strategic but also exciting at the same time. Presently, getting sure 3 Stars is the least possible on this new update.

BB 10 base
BB 10

Apart from defenses, Large variations and changes in army composition will be seen upon limiting the number of troop units but increasing their super abilities at the same time.

Experimenting with different fusions of troops is the best possible way to create an army that makes its way to 6 stars in most cases.

Lesser related to attacking/defending but gem mine is the top-most priority as a bunch of free gems is collected at one-time upgradation.

The newer graphics of the gem mine are leveled up and worth trying out.

COC Builder Hall 10
Builder Hall

Builder Hall 10 Design

BH10 being fully maxed, an attack Strategy is highly recommended over forming its own tactic. There are two kinds of ways, ground, and air troop teams. Fusion can also be a good idea if stage 1 and stage 2 have mixed defenses unevenly distributed.

PEKKA along with cannon carts and Armoured battle machines is quite popular for overall 100% destruction.

Making sure multi-target buildings are destroyed safeguards the survival of bombers and mortars.

Builder Hall
Builder Hall

Air army includes minions which are must-use for clean up while hog gliders can be preferred over skeleton balloons due to their few-second stun ability.

At this time, Battle Copter is used instead of a battle machine which is a deadly combination.

Mix army may be formed and vary depending upon the position of enemy units, if an air bomber can be taken out quickly, barbarian or cannon will be used to destroy.

This is because air bombers would not be activated and hence an easy way to get rid of which no damage at all.

Builder Base
Builder Base


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