Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update: Attacking, Defending and Balancing Builders

Since the last developer blog post – More Heroic Troops, of Clash of Clans, the clashers are excited about new inducements. And now the developers will be adding more enthusiastic mechanisms in Builder Base. As Clash of Clans players, the esteemed changes are about to add more engagements.

As given on the official post, the Players will be awarded for both attacking and defending in Builder Base. Recently, Supercell discussed some of the problems with Builder Base, which will be fixed with upcoming major updates.

Builder Base Update – New Reward System

Clash of Clans’ further enhancements is making their way by familiarising the Builder Base with Home Village. However, the attacking features will be the same as before; no-nexting and no looting. As mentioned, now the players will be awarded Builder Gold for each star they gain when attacking.

Meanwhile, Builder Elixir will be granted for each successful defending. Here the successful defending is preventing an attacker from getting three stars. The defender will be given an elixir for each star that an attacker fails to get.

Apart from this, Builder Base will be added with Leagues. The higher the trophies, the higher the bonus players get.

How New Update will be balancing Builders?

Clash of Clans - Master Builder
Clash of Clans – Master Builder

Once a player reaches Builder Base 6 and above, they unlock OTTO Hut, a robot builder that can work in both villages. Most players have upgraded Builder Base in order to unlock and send this Master Builder to their home village to boost upgrades rapidly. With this update, players can still have the option to use huts.

There is little twist now, with Builder Base 2.0 unlocking Master Builder requires Builder Hall 9 to fulfilling the requirements of the quest to make a permanent builder for the home village. According to Supercell, moving back and forth builders disturbs user experience and mechanism hence the decision of making the permanent move of the master builder has been done.

Upcoming Updates regarding Builder Base 2.0

Till now most of the information has been officially revealed. Attacking and Defending along with balancing builders but when is the update coming? Official notes confirm the arrival of another news report before making it available worldwide. Till then one can learn to beat Painter Queen and Painter King challenge through tips and guides.


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