Color Fest Season: 3 Star Painter King Challenge in Clash of Clans

As the month of March heads forward, Color Fest Season in Clash of Clans has arrived. As per supercell, it is one of the biggest events happening in the history of COC. Challenges that reward and rewards that are worth claiming. Along with this, Painter King Hero Skin makes its way to the big showoff party.

Here is complete information on Colour Fest Season. Be ready to claim Painter Scenery for your home village.

Clash of Clans Color Fest Season

Clash of Clans Color fest challenge and painter king skin
Color Fest Season

The Sensation Seven event contains 7 missions that reward with a magic potion, a bunch of gems, and Xp points. Battle with female troops to accomplish tasks and enjoy.

The Sensation Seven Missions:

  • Use 8 Archer troops: 2x training portions
  • Use 2 Healer troops: 1x Click tower portion
  • Use 4 Valkyrie troops: 1x Resource boost
  • Use 1 PEKKA: 1x Research portion
  • Use 2 witch: 1x super portion
  • Use 1 headhunter: 1x power portion
  • Use 1 electro Titan: 1x hero portion

How to complete Painter King Challenge

Painter King Skin in clash of clans
Painter King Skin in clash of clans

Painter King Challenge is the commutative effect of air troops with a barbarian King as their hero. Here is a video showing how to 3-star challenges for rewards. The best-preferred way is to take down heavy defenses like inferno towers, air defense, and Eagle Artillery. Rest defenses don’t make significant damage to troops.

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