3 Star Color Fest Painter Queen Challenge (Easily)

Clash Of Clans Color Fest Season is live. Previously Painter King Challenge took place providing rewards and a glance at new scenery for the home village. Recently, Painter Queen Challenge has arrived which rewards with training portions, XP, and a bag of gems.

Color Fest Painter Queen Challenge

As the challenge suggests, Archer Queen will be the leading hero along with the supporting army to take down all the defenses to 3 Star easily. This challenge has been designed by Sumit 007 (COC content creator). Supercell expects players to 3 Star using their knowledge and strategic gameplay but most clashes will fail to do so, hence there is a guide needed to successfully do the task.

Tips, Tricks, and Guide

Making a funnel using electro dragon is the best way to push Archer Queen into targeting the main defenses. Ballons and dragons will play the lead role in helping our only hero. Super Wall Breakers should be strictly used only when needed as they occupy high spacing and are much more worthy than you think. Try using poison spell to kill clan castle troops. The rest can be understood from the YouTube video provided below.

Army Composition for Painter Queen Challenge

Painter Quee Challenge army, tips and tricks
Painter Quee Challenge army
  • Barbarian ×4
  • Goblin ×1
  • Gaint ×1
  • Super Wall Breaker ×3
  • Balloons ×5
  • Healers ×5
  • Dragons ×4
  • Electro Dragons ×1
  • Minions ×2
  • Archer Queen
  • Rage Spell ×4
  • Freeze Spell ×3
  • Invisibility spell ×3
  • Poison Spell ×1

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