Clash Royale April Update: Super Archers (NEW CARD)

Clash Royale is about to bring it’s April 2023 update and with this update, players will be getting new card of Super Archers in Clash Royale in arena of Boot Camp. Know details about Clash Royale Super Archers decks along with best tips to use in multiplayer battles. Everything about Super Archers has been revealed from Sneap Peak provided by Clash Royale officialls.

Clash Royale Super Archers

Super Archers Decks
Super Archers

Super Archers is a new card that is Legendary in rarity that will blow off enemy troops with super arrows. Now is time to modify your existing deck with Super Archers which is capable to gain you multiple wins in challenges. Here is detailed information about this new card. Super Archers Event will be live from 3rd to 9th April.

  • Troop: Super Archers
  • Elixir cost: 3
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • HP: 701
  • Speed: Medium
  • Count: 2 units
  • Arena: Boot Camp
  • Attacks: Both Ground and Air

Super Archers Event

Super Archers in Clash Royale
Super Archers in Clash Royale

Once April Update is live from 3rd April onwards, players can update Clash Royale and enjoy new features. New features include plenty of emotes and BOOT CAMP along with addition of new challenge of Super Archers Event. Here Super Archers is compulsory card to create deck while rest can bee choosen from existing cards. We will be providing Best Super Archers Deck in Clash Royale soon to make your battle more competative and easier to claim those event rewards.

How Super Archers Attacks

Clash Royale Super Archers
Clash Royale Super Archers

Super Archers similar to Super Magic Archer Challenge use magic arrows that not only damage cards in straight area splash but also push them back. This tactical advantage is quite useful to higher trophy players. Surely Best Decks for Super Archers will be coming soon for a better strategy guide for the whole Clash Royale community. Till then, enjoy Clash Royale Song.


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