Clash Royale releases Goblin Party Song -What Goes on Inside the Party Hut

Clash Royale introduced Party Hut Challenge and card; now is the time for Official Music Video. The song named What Goes on Inside the Party Hut is type of Goblin Party song revealing fun and environment inside hut. This is done with respect to Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, and Goblin Brawler.

A wild PARTY HUT appears in the Arena!
A Dart Goblin on top will attack your opponent and when destroyed the partgoers will be looking for troubles.

Clash Royale Goblin Party Song

There was no teaser or sneak Peak in roadmap 2023 but unexpectedly Song has been out. There are scarce possibilities of Supercell making a dedicated song apart from the Soundtrack or background music. This video shows goblins chilling inside a party hut and preparing for arena battles. Earlier YouTube Shorts was uploaded with showed similar visuals and music. We can expect this to be an extended version of it. Till then, learn what are best decks for super archer challenge.


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