BEST Heist Draft Challenge Decks in Clash Royale (TOP 3)

Clash Royale has been bringing new and fresh challenges every week. Now is the time for Heist Draft Challenge which is an upcoming and live challenge to claim rewards that are waiting for you. Here is complete information to win a series of battles to make you last longer until players claim the last chest. The top 3 Best Decks for Heist Draft are too provided for a basic idea about the difficulty level of the event.

Heist Draft Challenge Deck

Pick 4 cards and receive 4 From your opponent. Smash your opponent’s safe to win!

This is an unusual and somewhat different event than others. In Goblin Party Challenge Event, one could choose a whole pack of 8 card decks from his own knowledge. But in the Heist Draft Challenge players are given opportunities to select 4 cards and the rest will be chosen by their opponent which is a fun but a scary thing. This is why we are here to help you out through this challenging scenario.

Deck #1

  • The Log
  • Goblin Gaint
  • Might Miner
  • Poison Spell
  • Electro Wizard
  • Royal Ghost
  • Tesla
  • Skelton

Heist Draft Challenge Rewards

  • 1 wins reward – 4000 Gold
  • 2 wins reward – Card Boost Potion ×1
  • 3 wins reward – 3000 Gold
  • 4 wins reward – Chest Key ×1
  • 5 wins reward – 2000 Gold
  • 6 wins reward – Legendary Wild Card ×1
  • 7 wins reward – 1000 Gold
  • 8 wins reward – Golden Chest

Final Thoughts

Events always have a special place in the heart of each Clash Royale player and hence we saw the arrival of many challenges like the New and Fresh Super Magic Archer Challenge and the recent Ramp Up Challenge. Everything discussed in Clash Royale Revamp and roadmap is coming slowly but I’m better way.

We still aim to provide the latest and best information regarding updates to our viewers in the fastest way. Stay Clashing!. Enjoy official Party Hut Song for now.

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