The Strongest Battlegrounds: How to get Era Clash & Keys in The Hunt (Tatsumaki Update)

The Hunt event has started in The Strongest Battlegrounds. With this event, players can claim the Era Clash Badge which is currently the most prestigious and worth collecting. Besides, Tatsumaki Update is out with Tatsumaki meteor ability and quest on collecting 11 keys to open the vault.

How to get the Era Clash Badge in The Hunt

Era Clash Badge in The Hunt
Era Clash Badge in The Hunt

Roblox The Hunt has grabbed the attention of most players. To our surprise, a new update has been simultaneously rolled out: The Strongest Egg token for completing new quests.

  1. Open/Update to Tatsumaki Update
  2. Every few minutes, The Hunt event starts
  3. Enter the battlegrounds and fight boss fight
  4. Wipe off other participants as well
  5. If the player successfully does the last stand, a reward is available to claim
  6. Collect Era Clash from the shop menu

Similar to any normal badge, players can enter the battle arena and remain undefeated to claim instantly.

How to get 11 Keys in The Strongest Battlegrounds

Get all 11 keys
Get all 11 keys

The secret vault has been spawned in the game and requires a total of 11 keys to unlock it. The primary way is by grinding for several hours until the NPC drops the key. This process is extremely random and doesn’t work most of the time.

Follow the below tricks to collect keys as much as possible in most easy and effortless way.

  1. Start the NPC battle in the server
  2. Choose inactive or small size server for higher chances
  3. Kill NPCs until key drops in each battle
  4. If the key is not dropped, change the server and repeat actions again
  5. Use these keys to open a secret vault of the Roblox.

Once all key tokens are collected, a cutscene is seen and a gigantic blue vault is shown. A blue infinity design makes the vault look even more mysterious.


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