Pet Sim 99: How to Get & Use Secret Keys (Update 5)

Pet Sim 99 Update 5 is here. Plenty of new stuff has been added to the game. Players should be focusing on advancing the game as quickly as possible and Secret Keys help us in various ways.

Through Patch Notes, we can see Area 100, Rebirth Three, unlock secret keys, secret door location, secret scavenger hunt, present locations, flying balloons, and secret rooms.

How to get Secret Keys in Pet Sim 99

Secret Keys
Secret Keys

Secret Keys are special tokens used to unlock secret rooms as well as secret doors. Sometimes, unlocking a new world can be done using these powerful keys.

There are various ways to obtain Secret Keys which every user should be aware of and hunt for the best possible and fastest trick to get keys in abundant quantities.

1. Collect from Rebirthing

Rebirth Three
Rebirth Three

After successful rebirth, the Secret Key is made available in the inventory. At present, there are three kinds of rebirth mainly Rebirth One, Rebirth Two, and newly brought Rebirth Three.

Use them accordingly and get the Secret Key easily.

2. From Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards
Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards are similar to Season Pass where multiple rewards are stacked into a tier list. As you push the game to a higher level, better rewards are claimed.

In the start, other tokens are present while grinding may lead you to collect hundreds of secret keys within a smaller duration.

3. Playing Mini Games


Mini-games distribute lots of rewards. Secret Codes can be claimed through these games but chances are pretty low.

Spinny Wheel can provide some drop chance of secret key but in negligible amount. On the other hand, Crystal Chest has good results while considering keys as rewards.

How to Use Secret Keys in Pet Simulator 99

Use Secret Key
Use Secret Key

Pet Sim 99 has various hidden locations that can only be unlocked using a specific secret key. Make sure to explore different worlds and unlock each of them.

Moreover, secret doors are accessible through these keys and new worlds as well. Currently, prioritizing these resources is a good idea to get benefits in the upcoming time.



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