Pet Simulator 99: How to Redeem Secret Prestons Code?

Big Games’ Pet Simulator 99 is now live, and it’s explicitly clear that the game will be boasting several secrets. Following the trend, some players have asked developers for the Super Secret Prestons Code. However, most players have failed to find the code and the reward has not been secured yet.

To the extent of easing your efforts, this guide will provide you with the perfect method to Redeem the Secret Prestons Code in Pet Simulator 99.

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How to Redeem Secret Prestons Code in Pet Simulator 99?

Prestons Shop in Pet Simulator 99
This is the place where you will redeem the code

In case you are unfamiliar, you have to redeem the super secret prestons code from Preston’s Shop, located in a tunnel in Safari Town.

Go in the tunnel and press the E button to communicate with Preston. A text menu will pop up and then enter the Roblox code.

The Gamer Stones team is on its way to finding the code. We have cross-checked it with numerous social media handles, and most of them claimed that the code is petsim99 or ninety-nine. But the codes are suspected to be fake ones.

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As soon as the codes are unveiled, they will be published here.

What is the Reward of Redeeming Preston’s Code?

Reward for Redeeming Prestons Code
You might get this exclusive Shop Board

As of now, the place and the code are shrouded in mystery. There is a forum where one player claims that he has redeemed the code. However, the mysterious figure failed to reveal the code.

From the available information from various sources, the reward for redeeming the Prestons Code is an exclusive Shop Board. The one who owned it has revealed that the board is worth it.

We don’t have any footage that showcases the board in motion.

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