Roblox Pet Catchers: How to get Prismatic Mystery Eggs [Guide]

Roblox Pet Catchers is not just about collecting eggs and hatching them but also about farming gems, coins, and other essential tools that boost productivity. Still, players are crazy to unlock secret pets as well as legendary ones.

Legendary Pets are regarded as the top and most valuable pets of the game and are usually hard to hatch. One of the easiest ways is to claim Prismatic Egg which on hatching gives legendary ones.

Best Ways to Get Prismatic Mystery Eggs in Pet Catchers

Prismatic Mystery Eggs
Prismatic Mystery Eggs

Since the game’s release, pushing the limits to have greater control over in-game resources remains the same. Prismatic Mystery Egg is one of them that players are struggling to collect after grinding for several hours.

Below are a few techniques that reward users with a good amount of this egg.

1. Fishing

Method 1
Method 1

Fishing is an important activity to catch rare pets. Inside each world, there lies a pond dropping normal to rare, epic to legendary fishes.

Using a gold rod not only increases drop chances of better pets but also sometimes surprises with Prismatic Egg. It is recommended to switch towards a diamond rod once plenty of missions are completed.

2. Completing Missions

Complete missions fast
Complete missions fast

This might sound a little odd but certain threshold missions help to unlock Prismatic Egg along with plenty of gems. For example, achieving Level 50 will award the first egg while Level 100 drops another egg.

As 50 levels should be completed to collect 1 egg, players need to do extremely hard work and remain consistent.

3. Playing Mini-games

Mini-games for extra eggs
Mini-games for extra eggs

Two major mini-games significantly affect the reward list. Dance Off is suitable for beginners while experienced ones can try their luck in Ancient Dig.

Similar to Minecraft blocks, Ancient Dig allows players to dig deeper into the ground in search of valuable items. Make sure to collect a few golden tickets before entering the arena.


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