Krafton collaborates with ZeptoLab for Bullet Echo India, pre-registrations begin

The makers of BGMI, Krafton collaborated with ZeptoLab to create the Indian version of Bullet Echo. Pre-registration for Bullet Echo India has been started and soon be available for the Indian audience.

Krafton-ZeptoLab collaboration to develop the Indian version of Bullet Echo

Indian style characters
Indian style characters

As reported by IGN India, pre-registration has already started on the App Store as well as the Play Store. The early pre-registered users get customized hero skin and an exclusive chest.

Join the elite league of stealth masters in Bullet Echo India before everyone else! Ready your flashlights for the ultimate stealthy action adventure. Pre-register today and earn exclusive rewards!

Bullet Echo India is a top-down action shooter & battle royale game with exciting 2-minute matches. Being 2D, the gaming experience is widely focused on dark-flashlight themes.

Different game modes
Different game modes

To begin the battles, the player needs to choose a suitable hero and Krafton has made them even more cool with Indian style and culture. Raja Slayer instead of King Slayer, BGMi Stalker, Smog & Hurricane are a few among them.

As reported by The Mobile Indian, the Indian community can switch to Bullet Echo India from 4 April 2024, but there is uncertainty about whether the game will be released on the global stage.


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