Indus Battle Royale Guide: All Character Details

Indus Battle Royale has already registered millions of Pre-registration and has expanded its audience since. It has already attracted big Youtubers like Techno Gamerz and athlete Heena Sindhu and brought characters upon their influence. Here is complete information on Indus Battle Royale characters.

Indus Battle Royale Characters

Long before the current Galactic Era, the planet Indus gained notoriety across the galaxy as a mysterious world. It served as the abode of the Yaksha, who utilized Portals to travel to various civilizations scattered across the cosmos. Too many of these civilizations, encountering the Yaksha was the sole evidence of extraterrestrial life, fueling their curiosity and impelling them towards intergalactic exploration and expansion.

Characters in Indus Battle Royale

  • Adam
  • Sir Taj
  • Big Gaj
  • Void
  • Null
  • Adya


Adam Character in Indus Battle Royale
Adam Character

Adam’s Character seems to be very influential with its color combination and its cosplay. You will be stunned with the character after having a look at Adya.

Sir Taj

Sir Taj Character in Indus Battle Royale
Sir Taj

Sir Taj is an experimental cyborg paragon hired by COVEN. A glimpse at Sir Taj’s cosplay gives a thrilling feel of cyborgs’ abilities and powers.

Big Gaj

Big Taj Character in Indus Battle Royale
Big Taj

Big Taj is not just a character, but a reminder of the might of the Yaksha. The sole reason for providing the esteemed look for Big Taj might be to terrify them even before firing.


Void Character in Indus Battle Royale

The Null and Void are the prototypes in Indus Battle Royale. The cosplay indeed has futuristic look with sole purpose of eliminating enemy on battlefield.


Null Character in Indus Battle Royale

As mentioned, Null is another prototype with artificial humanoid body. Being male cyborg might not be a mere difference from the Void.


Adya Character in Indus Battle Royale

By having a look at the Adam, some of the survivors might have connected it with Adya. The Adya among the research who was funded billions by COVEN.

Final Thoughts

Indus Battle Royale is a massive game with numerous mechanisms embedded. Hence it requires number of updates and guides to cover all those aspects.

We plan to provide Indus Battleground Weapons, Gameplay, System requirements, Tips and Tricks, Unlockables, Maps, and more. Stay connected. Get more information on the official Indus Game website.

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