Xbox Isn’t Going Fully Multiplatform, Leaker Claims

Since the last few weeks, Microsoft has been bombarded with rumors surrounding Xbox-exclusive video game titles going multiplatform. After being silent on this issue, yesterday Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said that the Xbox will share a ‘vision for the future of Xbox’ next week.

To be honest, there is no certainty that the rumors are true. Following this trending topic, a notable leaker Nate the Hate claims that, “MS will bring select games multiplatform.”

“People are making wild assumptions that EVERY game is going multiplat — which is not the case”, NateTheHate continued, “The multiplat strategy is a slight shift in strategy, in which SOME titles go multiplat.”

If the given beliefs of Nate The Hate are correct, the decision of selected games to go cross-platform will derive considerable business to Xbox. Still, Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush won’t be making any significant impacts on either platform.

Additionally, Nate The Hate also said, “MS will keep high-profile games exclusive.” If this was the case, then the speculation of Starfield’s release on PS5 wouldn’t appear reasonable.

On this, the leaker said, “I do want to emphasize that though I heard similar, one should still treat this as a rumor.”

Anyway, next week’s business update event might clear the air and provide an official statement from Xbox.


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