Capcom’s Latest Financial Report Reveals Interesting Figures

As per the latest financial report of Capcom, Street Fighter 6 sold over 3 million units while Resident Evil 4 Remake surpassed 6.48 million unit sales.

The report states the figures for the first three quarters (9 months) of its current fiscal year (Q1-Q3 FY23) and reveals that store sales grew by 111%. It also mentions the opening of 2 stores in Tokyo.

Capcom Public Relations & Investor Relations Section says, “Capcom owns a wealth of globally popular brands originating from its games.”

In addition to the two games as mentioned earlier, the sheet also contains the business details of previous Resident Evil titles. As for 2019’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborn’s 1.3 million sales in FY23, it crossed over 11 million of total lifetime sales.

camcom's financial report for FY23

Other than the quarterly sales, Capcom’s financial report detailed the cumulative sales and also their brand utilization examples.

For instance, the Resident Evil series achieved 154 million sales, and the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode free additional DLC was released on Dec. 8, 2023.

Following, the Monster Hunter series touched 97 million sales and All-new Monster Hunter Wilds is scheduled for 2025.

Given that “Outfit 3” additional character costumes for Street Fighter 6 were released on December 1, the Street Fighter series – had 53 million unit sales, and Ed, the third Year 1 additional character for Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for February 2024.


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