Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Beetle DLC Leaked

Following the Insomniac leak, we are witnessing numerous tweaks, including the new features, Wolverine’s pre-order bonuses, Spider-Man sales, and playable characters, and now a new leak suggests Beetle DLC. The leak comes after an X (formally Twitter) user VISCERAL spotted those files and notified us.

As per @zvis_ceral, Insomniac is planning to release Beetle DLC and the possible enemies, missions, a boss battle, and suits have been presented.

Beetle is a superhero in Marvel Studios, who earlier was a villain. He fought Spider-Man on different occasions, and with his self-controlling vehicle and mech suit, he is considered a recurring villain.

From the current point of view, we do not know whether the Beetle DLC is assured, as the leak might have shifted the plans. Furthermore, the leaked files might have been outdated. Furthermore, Insomniac’s statement ‘Like Logan.. Insomniac is resilient, conveys the fact that the preponderance of things might be furnished entirely.

As stated, the conformity is doubted as earlier Carnage DLC was leaked as well. However, some reports suspect that the files are not related to DLC, but to the Venom game.


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