Starfield Player Theorizes on Why the Earth is Barren Wasteland in the Game

As Starfield is set in 2330 in space-themed settings, the game depicts the Earth as a flat, barren, and wasteland. Starfield Wiki says that by 2330, Earth became uninhabitable and was abandoned for unknown reasons.

As Starfield likes to breed mysteries, features, and peculiar creatures, the Earth’s current state might also be a segment. Given that the game is highly based on astronomical calculations, there are chances of players putting forth their own ideas.

Likewise, A Reddit user, Dik_Likin_Good, has tried theorizing why Earth is a wasteland in the game. He started by illustrating the game’s scene of Gravity Drive – technology that enabled humanity to travel faster than light, which caused the Earth’s core to stop rotating and ultimately resulting in the collapse of the magnetosphere.

Dik_Likin_Good further stated that the core will require an enormous amount of energy in the form of gravity waves to stop it from rotating. Such massive energy absorption for allowing rotation will release tremendous heat, which is why the Earth is Hot.

In the discussion, SaraRainmaker added another point of the Artifact psi experiment that led to ultimate destruction. Global Warming was already at its peak, Ill-Branch9770 counted.

Science: In reality, the Magnetosphere does play a vital role by blocking solar winds, defending from cosmic rays, and eventually shaping the atmosphere. And in a similar incident of Magnetosphere collapse, Earth will be bombarded by the harmful radiations incoming.

As the Magnetosphere disappeared in Stafield, the atmosphere was washed out by solar winds, leaving behind the hot wasteland surface. With no cooling, the heat continued to dissipate quite quickly, but not enough to melt down the surface.

Point of Flat and Barren

However, in the point of speculating why the Earth is Flat and Barren, Dik_Likin_Good failed to provide a satisfying answer. He mentioned that the repetitive heating made the surface malleable, which might not be completely true.

Science: As per experts, the Earth’s surface is considered to withstand deformation even in the conditions of repetitive heating. A few topographies might melt, given the uneven rock systems of the Earth. However, the complete achievement of malleability remains complex.

Support: In support of the given claim, Starfield’s Earth still has some monuments standing. Why haven’t they deformed? The monuments like Pyramid, The Empire State Building, the US Bank, and even the Barch are still standing, despite the fact that most of them are constructed using metals.

And, in the end, in answer to the question of why the Earth still has some monuments, the user declared it as an Easter Egg for those who would like to explore Earth again.

Here is the complete theory:

A theory on why the Earth is a barren, hot, wasteland.
byu/Dik_Likin_Good inNoSodiumStarfield

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