Clash of Clans Dragon Festival Event Explained

COC Lunar New Year season is halfway completed. The CWL as well as raid weekend is over. Considering events, the Lunar New Year Challenge succeeded in grabbing players’ attention.

At present, Players can not only complete regular gold passes but also the newly introduced Dragon Festival which will last for 2 weeks. Players need to collect a Red Envelope and progress ahead to collect rare rewards.

COC Dragon Festival

Dragon Festival Events
Dragon Festival Events

As we know earlier, Supercell planned something bigger this season. New seasonal troops are readily available in the new Event Pass besides regular Hero skins and scenery.

How to participate in Dragon Festival in Clash of Clans

Red Envelopes in Clash of Clans
Red Envelopes in Clash of Clans

It is a must for players to participate in new events to claim unique rewards for simple grinding. Be sure to wait till the end to collect every gift that lies in the tier list.

  1. Open/Update Clash of Clans
  2. Search for Clan Games’ arrival location
  3. Click on Dragon Pinata
  4. You can compete in the Dragon Festival event
  5. Collect Red Envelopes by completing missions
  6. Use Dragon Medals at traders shot for exclusive offers

Dragon Pinata
Dragon Pinata

If you are highly interested, purchasing the Event Pass of Dragon Festival will unlock extra rewards and skins to claim.

Reward List

Reward List
Reward List
  • Firecracker
  • Azure Dragon
  • Shiny Ore
  • Glowy Ore
  • Dragon Medals
  • Starry Ore
  • Training Boost of 30%
  • Dragon Pinata
  • Baby Dragon Statue

Once plenty of points are collected, use them to unlock Dragon Warden skin or Frozen Arrow based on your interest.


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