Clash of Clans: How to 3-Star Lunar New Year Challenge?

Clash of Clans February 2024 season is here. With this season, the Lunar New Year Challenge has arrived and seems pretty difficult to tackle in the first attempt. Being Town Hall 16 secured base, players need a good strategy to 3-star it.

Here is a guide on how to 3-star base completely in this challenge with step-by-step instructions. At last, you can get a chance to collect Year of the Azure Dragon skins readily.

How to Beat the Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans?

Lunar New Year Challenge

Compared to previous challenges, this challenge requires a special strategy due to the availability of TH16 which is considered to be an extreme difficulty level than Town Hall 15.

With new defenses, it is essential to understand their working mechanisms and carry out smart moves that outsmart defenses.

1. Make a funnel from three sides

Lunar New Year Challenge Troops

Execute the attack by deploying bat spells as shown below. As monolith machines can destroy one unit at a time, bats easily clear most of the ground defenses.

Use barbarians and minions and collect extra destruction percentages.

2. Use Electro Dragon + Rage on the right side of the base

Electro Dragon

Base is crafted where air defenses are placed at the right corner and this is your chance to wipe them off using an electric strike of a dragon. Use normal units to clean up the rest of the buildings.

3. Carry out major attack by deploying heroes

Heroes in Clash of Clans

From the other end, first, take out the nearest building using three balloons followed by spamming all heroes. The Barbarian King should take damage and protect the Archer Queen while the Grand Warden heals all of them at once.

Use freeze and invisibility spells when needed to support heroes and use Royale Champions’ power to make this attack successful.

4. Spam Dragons from behind

Azure Dragon in Clash of Clans

Until now, the base has been destroyed from all sides but Town Hall and hidden teslas are guarded by max walls. Use dragons in bulk and easily three-star the base.

Even though the given steps are far enough to destroy the base, players must learn the perfect utilization of troops first. Which eventually comes from practicing this technique.



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