Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Crafts Stunning Floating Weapon System

An enthusiast Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player crafted a stunning Floating Weapon System that follows Link. The laser system is capable of mercilessly bombarding firepower within the range.

Since the game’s launch, players have been keen to manufacture impressive machines and devices. In addition, the glitches and bugs have added an interesting pinch, bypassing the limitations imposed on Link’s Zonai abilities.

The given below machine has a distinct feature in itself. Unlike other structures in the game, this weapon system follows Link on its way. When asked how is it following you, the creator answers with the Ghost Glue Glitch.

Floating cannon weapon system!
byu/crazy_Dd123 inHyruleEngineering

Spotted by GameRant, this glitch creates a type of attraction force that links the two objects. Without this bug, the machine wouldn’t have followed the Link.

Weapon System in Zelda

“The Ghost Glue is an exceptionally potent UltraBroken Effect and Spooky Interaction that enables us to establish connections between objects in unintended and eerie manners.”

– Duncan

From the comments and the clip, it looks like the machine lifts off the ground due to the zonai fans attached to the cart. Crazy_dd123 is shown to hop on it for instance for quick lifting.

The cart is attached to the central tower that has a laser cannon, made from a beam emitter and a simple zonai cannon. Furthermore. Infinite Battery Glitch might have been utilized as well for everlasting energy.

Have you ever tried this glitch? Tell us in the comment section.


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