HARM: Weather Warfare, A Survival game announced for PC & Steam

A strange survival game, HARM: Weather Warfare developed by Aurora Studios has been announced for PC and Early Access to Steam in 2024. Through the Official announcement trailer, various gameplay images reveal true survival instincts against Mother Nature.

According to Aurora Studio, the game begins with
“The cabin where they were supposed to stay burned down with all their equipment, and the car was destroyed. They are forced to create makeshift shelters, search for food, and face an uneven battle with the unpredictable forces of nature.”


The protagonist is a father on a mission to save his beloved daughter from adverse nature making conditions worse over time. But in the end, humans will take over an unnatural superpower.

The father and Daughter duo that was stuck in the abandoned cabin shelter are left with no choice but to survive against nature as well as unusual things that come up with electromagnetic waves causing nemesis against their optimal behavior.

Snowy region in the game
Snowy region in the game

Not only the surroundings but nearby wild animals and humans strike the protagonist due to the evil essence of mountain waves. The game leaks perfectly resemble adventurous situations as real-life scenarios.

Few gameplay images suggest the main character needs to maintain hunger, body temperature, body water level, strength, and proper brain functioning throughout the survival journey.

Gameplay image
Gameplay image

From Lake to hospital, attack and block movements remain a source of protection against calamities. Use mouse left-click to attack while right-click to defend and block.

Essential activities such as crafting the shelter, hunting for wild animals, and fishing can be carried to live silent nights and reach the final destination.


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