A Leaker Reveals The Last Of Us 2 Remastered Skins & Gameplay Videos

As we know The Last Of Us II Remastered is set to make its debut on 19 January 2024, however ahead of the official launch, social media handles (especially Reddit) have been flooded with the series of TLOU 2 leaks which include character skins, gameplay footage, and strange experiences.

The Last Of Us 2 Remastered Leaks Reveals Characters Skins and Gameplay Clips

Everything started a few hours back when Reddit user, Terioss65 claimed to have a copy of The Last Of Us 2, even a week before getting a global release. It further provided various in-game storylines, and a list of skins, and even shared the gameplay as evidence.

I managed to buy the remaster 6 days before it’s release date. Photo of several skins of chars
byu/Teriosss65 inthelastofus


Skins Leaks

Take a look at the new set of fantastic skins of characters:

  • Ellie Skins
  • Abby Skins
  • Dina Skins

As the skin leak brought a surprise to the gaming community, Terioss65 shared remaster gameplay of those characters with their weapons and attacking tactics.

All Ellie skins TLOU 2 REMASTER
byu/Teriosss65 inplaystation

Gameplay Leaks

  • TLOU2
  • Lev
  • Jeol
  • Tommy
  • Bloater Boss
  • Capture Mode
  • Lost Level BoarVarious skin leak suggest possible quest completion or availability of purchase directly from the shop. As the game is about to go public, everyone has eyes on the ending as well.

All Abby skins TLOU 2 REMASTER
byu/Teriosss65 inplaystation

How The Last Of Us 2 Remastered was Leaked?

Terioss65 conveyed the interesting and clever strategy that enabled him to get a copy of the game. The local store owners accidentally showcased two copies for sale without knowing TLOU2 releases on January 19.

Early Tlou 2 remaster gameplay
byu/Teriosss65 inplaystation

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