Chromatic Brawler Maisie Guide (Brawl Stars)

Brawl Stars is back again with new brawlers and skins in Brawl Talk in April 2023. In this update, Rumble Jungle Season will talks place attracting a wide audience to try out new brawlers that are worth playing in the arena battles.

At this time, Brawl Stars introduced Chromatic Brawler – Maise to the tier list. Here is the complete guide on Maisie brawler which will teach players how to use Maise and let them win without losing clan challenges.

Chromatic Brawler Maisie

Brawl Stars Tech Maisie
Brawl Stars Tech Maisie

Maisie is a brand new chromatic brawler who also works as a safety assistant to provide protection in the star theatre securing the whole place with full responsibility on her shoulders. Maise is mainly attacking brawlers and follows her principles through the battles and training.

Maisie is capable to attack using Pressure Rocket (Power) which single-handedly swipes off the enemy units in no time. This is a single projectile attack that is medium-ranged but has no place to escape once executed

Brawl Stars Maisie Skins

  • Maisie (Normal)
  • Tech Maisie
  • Jungle Queen Maisie
Brawl Stars Jungle Queen Maisie
Brawl Stars Jungle Queen Maisie

Not only chromatic brawlers were brought, but also Jungle Rumble Heroes which are equally competitive with Maisie

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