Brawl Stars Season 17: RT Brawler Guide in new mystery at the hub update

Brawl Stars Mystery at the hub update is now available worldwide. With this update, New Skins for brawlers are available. One of such skin is for R-T Bralwer. Just within its arrival, R-T has been added to everyone tier list which indeed provides higher rates of winning battles. Here is a guide on R-T and its skins- Crimson R-T and Patrol R-T

Brawl Stars R-T

R-T is an advanced robot machine brawler having slightly more destructive abilities than most of the other characters. It includes area burst and splash damage, settings target, and moderate speed. Another interesting thing was, R-T was released before providing a sneak peak and grabbed everyones attention.

R-T features

  • Normal damage: 1500
  • Range: Very Long
  • Reload Speed: Normal
  • Damage when marked: 2100
  • Hp points: 6150
  • Skins: Crimson and Patrol

Brawl Stars Super Powers

Brawl Stars R-T skin of Crimso RT
Brawl Stars Crimson R-T

Super 1

R-T possesses the unique ability to split into two parts. The upper part and Leg part. Upon splitting movement speed is increased to a large extent. After this, Legs have higher damage capacity and are important for the survival of the whole body.

Super 2

R-T can instantly teleport to its legs and add an extra 1,000 hp. This power is crucial when brawler takes higher damage and is about to get killed. It is cool to use the ability when needed only. Unfortunately, when legs die, their upper part no longer lives.

R-T Star Powers

Brawl Stars Patrol R-T
Brawl Stars Patrol R-T

1st Star Power

After using 1st star power, R-T is able to target the brawler for 3 extra seconds which damages more vigorously and effectively. The combination of super and star abilities makes R-T was a top priority during battles.

2nd Star Power

R-T and its legs when in split mode take 20% lower damage upon 2nd star power use. Making survival of legs can be safeguarded with this strength.

R-T Gadgets

Gadget 1

This gadget attacks the brawler in between R-T and legs. Unlike power stuff, the gadget looks satisfying when unlocked and kind of provides a boost to losing battle. Brawlers which got affected are temporarily slowed for few seconds.

Gadget 2

Attacks all the marked brawlers at least once in each battle. At that instant, each character faces extremely deadly attack which changes the course of the battle leading to victory in most cases. Single R-T can easily inherit all the specifications.

Way Fordward

Brawl Talk of 2023 gave sneap peaks of numerous skins and idea about more Brawl Stars Monthly Champions in future. Stay connected for more news and guides on this new update.


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