Brawl Stars: Mystic Esports wins Monthly Championship of February 2023

Brawl Stars eSports Monthly Champions for February 2023 took place and Mystic eSports won the finale. Mystic eSports managed to defeat Tribe Gaming by a 3-2 score announcing themselves as winners of the BSC23 North America tournament.

Mystic eSports becomes Monthly Champions of Brawl Stars BSC23 NA East Tournament

There were only 6% of people who believed Mystic eSports could won the grand finale while rest supported Tribe Gaming. Being first title, it was hard for brawlers to support new emerging team. Series of battle were played which kept on eliminating teams but againt the flow, our champions managed to continue winning streak until history was created.

Teams in Brawl Stars Monthly Champions 2023

All teams in brawl stars monthly championship BSC23 for february 2023
Teams in Brawl Stars
  • Mystic eSports
  • Untamable Beasts
  • Chasmac Gaming NA
  • F/A MCR
  • Beast Tamers
  • Apolo Crew
  • Nando Haters
  • Tribe Gaming

Members of Mystic eSports Team of Brawl Stars

  • Luffy
  • Zeus
  • Killer

Future Plans for Brawl Stars in 2023

Till now Brawl Stars February Monthly Champions were decided for North America, South America, AMAC, and EMEA. Brawl Stars Talk for 2023 has more champions events to come ahead this year. Along with balance changes and the arrival of new brawlers and emotes, Brawl Stars continue to hold their community together for long time.

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