Wild Rift Patch 4.1 will include three new items and changes to item system

League of Legends: Wild Rift has released official patch 4.1 notes, which include the addition of three new items; Amaranth Twinguard, Mantle of Twelfth Hour, and Searing Crown and Sunfire Cape. In addition, some changes will surface for the classic item system as well.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1: Amaranth Twinguard

The Riot has mentioned that currently, some of the tanks lack the power to significantly dominate the game. In contrast, there are some of the champions like Mages and Marksman, who have access to additional items, and can heavily impact the course of the game.

Given it, the new update of Wild Rift will bring Amaranth Twinguard, an item similar to Rabadon’s Deathcap item for mages will enable them to enhance their effectiveness during the combats.

  • Total cost: 3200g
  • Builds from: Chain Vest (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 1400g
  • 55 Armor
  • 55 Magic Resistance

Mantle of Hour

Mantle of Hour is the next item included with Patch 4.1. The esteemed item is believed to provide a fighting chance at escaping or running down one more kill. Mantle of the Twelfth Hour will provide a sphere of healing, added movement speed, and resistance to attacks.

  • Total cost: 2900g
  • Chain Vest (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 1100g
  • 50 Armor
  • 50 Magic Resistance

Searing Crown and Sunfire Cap

“Currently, Sunfire Cape is the only choice for tanks that want to opt into more aggressive damage against champions. However, it also serves as the only tank item that offers meaningful wave- and jungle-clearing power, which puts it in a space where it’s serving two different niches at the same time.”

Now, the Wild Rift is adding a partner to Sunfire Cap; Searing Crown. The searing Crown item is best suited for killing champions, meanwhile, the Sunfire Cape is best suited for farming up.

  • Total cost: 2700g
  • Bami’s Cinder (1300g) + Chain Vest (900g) + 500g
  • 300 Health
  • 50 Armor

Abyssal Mask and Thornmail

Sunfire Cape is not the only item on the list getting customized. Abyssal Mask and Thornmail are undergoing some changes to better fitting into the new tank item system.

The change is about to make Abyssal the aggressive and damage-oriented item amongst the magic resistance items. The change is the loss of Abyssal’s generic magic damage amplification, which will be replaced with a new passive. The passive will enable it to store a percentage of magic damage taken, and burst an explosion upon enemies.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 is scheduled to go live on the 16th of March.


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